“Four strings of happiness, that’s the ukulele.”


Born in Hawaii where we can imagine blue ocean and gentle breezes teasing your face smoothly.

The Moana ukulele expresses our passion for sounds and we wanted to hear you a truly emotional feelings and 

happiness through it. Please enjoy and relax with sounds of Moana which will bring you innocent,

playful and pure joy of four strings play.







Since 1990s, the ukulele became a global phenomenon and emerging new genre of music. 

It influences many musicians and listeners with its unique sounds and feelings.

Our company manufactured guitars from the beginning and we’re also produced ukuleles for a long time.

But, we’ve started to realize that there’s something more we need for the ukulele 

what we make and it was joy of music play, happiness of ukulele music.




  • GregBennett
  • Knabe
  • Kohler&Campbell
  • Silvertone
  • SGW

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